At Adapt we pride ourselves on providing research & science backed services that help optimize your lifestyle. You can be sure you are in good hands with highly effective training tools and programs along with complimentary services that will deliver consistent results toward your goals.



(Private, Partner & Small Group)

Personalized and tailored coaching expertly designed 100% to YOU. No two people are the same, and our personalized coaching delivers the best level of fitness and health in alignment with your specific goals.

Develops: Mobility, Flexibility, Fat Loss, Strength, Stability, Increased Metabolism, Strength Endurance, Pure Endurance, Injury Prevention, Longevity, Increased Quality of Living, Lean Muscle, Hormonal Health.



A neurological approach for improved healing, fitness, and performance. NeuFit (Neurological Fitness) utilizes direct-current electric stimulation to train the central nervous system and muscles to obtain levels of performance that were previously unattainable. 

Develops: Increased Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Stability, Muscle Activation, Force Production, Speed, Coordination, Nervous System function. Reduces: Pain, inflammation, soreness, recovery time after injury.


InBody 270

InBody is a tool that we use at Adapt to accurately analysis body composition, body weight, skeletal muscle mass, lean body mass and body fat composition.

From this analysis, our team can more effectively determine a baseline for your nutritional needs and tailor our personal services around your goals.



At Adapt you are able to utilize proven strength & conditioning methods and improve upon them with the most-advanced training and data analytics available in a boutique studio setting. Adapt to the new levels by improving sport-related-skill and technique, athleticism, strength, speed, power and durability to boost performance and reduce risk of injury.