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Owner / Head Coach / Studio Manager

Bo has a background including decades of athletic performance and sport whether he is preparing himself, or his athletes. At an early age, Bo dedicated himself to training and was able to learn under world record holders, elite college coaches, and the best in the business setting the foundation of what is now 7+ years of training and coaching Collegiate and Pro Athletes, New York Times Best-selling authors & everyday people looking to get lean, strong, and perform optimally.



On top of running youth sports camps and coaching basketball, Lucas also focused on his own athletic career earning All-District honors in Basketball. After his competitive career in basketball, Lucas sharpened his knowledge and skills as a one of Adapt's expert coaches. With experience targeting and restoring performance in athletes and his everyday clients, Lucas has become a go-to expert in creating impactful body transformations through fitness, nutrition and sustainable lifestyle changes.



Grant derives a great deal of his knowledge from his career of sport success being a two-sport collegiate athlete. Grant has a coaching style utilizing functional movement to pinpoint what's holding you back and how to develop the best plan to get results. With experience in both athletic performance and TPI specialization, the highest standard of golf training, Grant can custom fit your training for optimal performance in life, on the field, or approaching the green.


Our team is passionate about fitness, health and living optimally and guiding you toward your goals. Our experienced coaches know what it takes and put in the work alongside you to be your best!  From day one your experience at Adapt begin your higher quality life emphasizing improved physical and mental performance, a body you love and a training style that is fun, effective, and sustainable.

Our high-intensity, metabolic, strength and conditioning program is adapted to your abilities – meaning that we will scale the workouts to your fitness level, previous injuries, and specific objective. We included our coaches bios below so you can get acquainted with the awesome people working for you at Adapt Strength & Conditioning.