What is ARX?

For the "TLDR" crowd out there let me explain in two super simplified points...

1) ARX stands for Adaptive Resistance Exercise because unlike traditional weights (dumbbells, barbells, etc...) the resistance varies every second to give you a great workout.

2) Imagine you had a magic barbell that provided the exact amount of force your could produce but nothing more for super safe, efficient and effective resistance training.

A more in-depth explanation:

ARX takes resistance training to another level. Instead of using traditional or gravitational weights (100 pounds ALWAYS equals 100 pounds as dictated by gravity) ARX utilizes constantly varying resistance that is applied against the user in order to create a maximal effort to produce better results faster than other methods such as barbells, dumbbells etc...


Why is this necessary?

While dumbbells, barbells, body-weight movements and other forms of exercise definitely DO have their place... ARX provides a need that you cannot achieve with other forms of resistance training. This is what I like to call "Perfect Resistance." 

Perfect Resistance is using the correct amount of weight for an exercise to be challenging or "overloading" every second or phase of the exercise so that no part is easy or not leading to progression. 

Why is Overloading important?

Imagine if you went your entire grade school tenure learning that 2+2=4 until suddenly people ask you to solve for X in the equation 4x+18y=3. Much like this scenario, when you are not challenging your body & muscles beyond the 2+2=4 you can never expect your body to get to the algebraic level. Our body requires overload to force positive adaptations i.e. perform better and/or look better naked.  

What does this mean?

Our body's need overload consistently to get stronger, faster, lose more weight, gain more muscle and make any change to our body. Because OUR BODY DOES NOT WANT TO CHANGE. Think back to homeostasis, the principle of balance in our system.

 In fact, changing is really the last thing our body wants to do... unless we give the signal that our body needs to in order to handle the stress we go through. 

This is where ARX comes in.. ARX provides the most accurate signal that our body has to react and respond in order to get better. There is no guess work on how much weight should be used, how many sets or reps need to be performed or how much time under tension we require for our goals. 

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If you had to travel from New York to Los Angeles: ARX is to dumbbells as flying is to walking. You can get the same result, but one is more efficient and can lead to faster progress to your goals.

You could do any combination or taking a car, train, bike, or even walk... It can be done. But you could save yourself a lot of time and get to where you want to be a lot faster by flying in a plane. 


Learn More about ARX or schedule a FREE demonstration at Adapt, The sole provider of ARX in Dallas, Texas. 


Bo Alexander

Adapt Strength & Conditioning

Head Coach / Founder