10 Facts About Sleep that may prevent you from losing weight, performing better, and healthy hormonal levels.


We all love to sleep, it feels amazing, its 100% free and we feel better when we do it. But it's the first thing we sacrifice when we have to study for a big test or prepare for a presentation. We stay up late knowing very well we have to be up early. Even common phrases... " I'll sleep when I am dead" or "sleep is for the weak" praise this all-nighter, running on all cylinders mentality. 

Sleep, in fact, is one of THE MOST ESSENTIAL components of health and survival for our bodies. We require this down-regulation for our body to repair damage, recover and improve our ability to function mentally and physically. This is why optimizing sleep whether you’re an athlete or Dustin from accounting, is the most important step in every single health or performance related goal.

At Adapt, when we have someone struggling with excess stress, poor-habits, or not losing weight when everything else is in check… We change the way they think about sleep and everything changes, drastically. They feel more energy, better mental performance at work/school, and HUGE improvements in their training performance.


10 Facts About Sleep That May Be Holding You Back:

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  • Hungry all the time? Sleep loss is associated with an increased appetite, will-power and decision making skills making it more likely to make poor food choices.

  • Struggling to lose the last 10 stubborn pounds of body fat? A study found consistent sleep restriction can be equated to consuming an additional 900 calories a day compared to the same diet in combination with proper sleep.

  • Feeling the Sugar Crash? After as little as 1-week of sleep-restriction can result in a prediabetic state in even young, healthy individuals. 

  • Having a hard time focusing? Three days of poor sleep-quality has been shown to be on par with performing at the level of a person with a blood alcohol content of .08, the legal limit.

  • Trying to build muscle? Sleep is an essential period of recovery, growth, and repair of our muscle tissue. If the muscle does not repair and recover, it cannot grow or get stronger.

  • Did you know over the past 40 years, the fertility of the average male has decreased by nearly 60%? Modern lifestyle and poor sleep quality are not friendly to our hormones, performance, weight loss... And among all aspects, sleep is the easiest, most pain-free and least expensive fix.

  • Humans are the only species that purposefully delay sleep. Although we get the same sensations of being tired, we often ignore this in order to do what we perceive is more important.

  • Studies on Elite Athletes showed Three Days of sleep-restriction greatly impaired metabolism, energy system function, force production and overall performance.

  • Taking sleeping pills (Ambien, Lunesta, etc...) or drinking alcohol will make you tired and help you go to sleep, but will reduce the effectiveness of your sleep (causing a coma-like sleep that does not provide quality rest, physical and neurological recovery.)

  • Hormones not what they used to be? Lack of sleep will hit your hormones the hardest by increasing cortisol (stress hormone) decreasing important health and performance hormones such as testosterone, and growth hormone, negatively affecting leptin and ghrelin (hunger and satiety hormones) and cause our body to poorly manage insulin.


Start optimizing your sleep and feel the huge difference improved sleep can make in your life!


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