NeuFit: Training the nervous system to perform better, heal your body faster and get better results.

[TIME-SAVING SUMMARY:       Our body is limited by our brain and central nervous system from performing at its full potential. By using NeuFit technology to train our Muscles, Brain & CNS, we can rapidly increase the rate that we heal from injury or increase performance by pinpointing what nerve paths are limited and restricting our performance or causing pain, potential injury, or be used to reduce the time for rehabilitation.

10x Boston Marathoner improving muscle-nerve pathway with NeuFit.

NeuFit (Neurological Fitness) technology utilizes unique and innovative training techniques to train our brain and nervous system directly to hack our body for increased strength, reduced pain, faster recovery from injury and teach the body to perform at the highest levels of our potential.

When we can effectively free our body from unnecessary restrictions on the nervous system, we can heal faster, get stronger, become faster, and rapidly improve every aspect of human performance. 

"The Nervous System controls virtually everything about the body. When you work neurologically, you can change everything else for the better - and do it much faster."                                                                                                    -NeuFit founder, Garrett Salpeter.  

Our Brain and Central Nervous System's main function is to ensure safety and prevent harm to our body. Among all things, the security of our body is above all else. This has huge implications in not only what our body is capable of, but also the way we feel on a daily basis. 

The saying "it's all in your head," when referring to pain is actually accurate. Pain is a manifestation of our brain's perception of the health, structure & integrity of our body. Our body senses an input that results in the corresponding output (tightness, pain, immobility, not jumping as high or running as fast, or not being able to exert more force.)

You have probably gotten out of bed one morning, felt a strange ache or pain, and wondered what could have caused it. If not, you most definitely have felt a cramp or feeling of over-exertion at some point. These are functions of our nervous system limiting us from harming our bodies. In the fitness realm, we see this often as a weight being too heavy or our form/technique not supporting the exercise being performed. Causing us to shift the loads to other muscles that may be more equipped to handle that stress or to fail on the lift entirely. I call this a "Compensation Pattern."


This is a neurological signal that our body cannot handle the current stress that is being imposed. While our nervous system is meant to protect us, it often will play protective tricks on us almost like a security alarm to prevent theft. The process is as follows:

  1. Brain senses threat to a certain muscle/connective tissue/nerve. 
  2. The brain will send more or fewer signals to the perceived threat.
  3. Movement/Activation/Stimulus to the affected area is restricted to protect from damage/potential harm.
  4. Can also result in sensations of pain, tightness, inflammation, swelling & more to help prevent damage. 

These responses are actually meant to protect us, however, humans are not great at dealing with these stresses or try to work around them and will use some sort of compensation pattern to get around the pain. This potentially furthers the issues because while we are not healing, we are strengthening bad patterns, other systems or nerves/muscles/connective tissue and practicing with suboptimal form. 

The central nervous system is the controlling and governing systems that are of primary importance when it comes to increasing performance, reducing/preventing pain & all health-related functions whether they are aesthetic or performance related. 

Our nerves are the electric currency required for our bodies to function. If your nerves are not functioning at a high level, you cannot expect your body to as well. Similar to paying $4 for a roller coaster that costs $12 to ride... You don't have what's required to participate. 

The important takeaway from this is that you can actually train your nervous system to function at a higher rate, improve your health and performance and it can all happen in a very short time. 





Bo Alexander

Founder / Head Coach