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The fitness industry’s stance on alcohol can often surprise you… To some, alcohol consumption is a no-go for any sustainable fitness and health goals. While others will say “all things in moderation… including alcohol.” Fitness and health is becoming more and more of a driving force for different industries and businesses are putting their best foot forward to accommodate to the growing industry of health and fitness. This can be seen with the growth of the Light Beer option in the beer industry.


Being in this industry for nearly half of my life, I have tried several interpretations of delicious sweets, treats, faux-doughs and low calorie alcohol options pushed by the experts wearing the marketing hats. Rarely do these healthy options stack up or even come within a breathe of their original counterparts, and this is no more evident than in the beer industry.

With different dietary movements and restrictions, the alcohol industry has seen a rise in items like Ciders, Gluten Free Beers and Skinny-Girl Margs.. But to all the die-hard beer connoisseurs out there.. it is hard to find a beverage option that fulfills your need for a healthy option that also really does taste like the beer that we work so hard for. I mean, every Michelob Ultra ad out there promotes their product as “the athlete’s beer.” But we all know deep within our healthy and hop-fueled hearts that most products, including Ultra, taste…. bad, to put it lightly.

But wait, there is hope! Adapt was fortunate to have an event partnership this past weekend with Shiner Beer, a Texas Craft Beer, available in 49 of the 50 United States. If you are from Texas, or have spent even a week’s time here, you have almost certainty had a Shiner Bock grace your lips and cleanse your palette. But for the faithful fitness doers, we have great news for you! Shiner Light Blonde is a thing. A real thing. With very few calories but also taste like a real beer instead of the watered down swill you’re used to shooting back at college frat parties.



Our team and event-goers thoroughly enjoyed following up their fitness with various different offerings from Shiner (they have a surprising variety) but the Shiner Light Blonde was a perfect “Fit” for our Work Hard, Play Hard group at the first ever Barbells & Brews event at Adapt Strength & Conditioning.

If you are looking for a lighter option, but a beer that actually tastes like beer, Shiner Light Blonde should find it’s way into your shopping cart.

You like beer, wine, alcohol but are worried about what it does to your waistline? Hang tight, because our next post is all about THE ATHLETE'S GUIDE TO ALCOHOL. 

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Founder/Head Coach

Adapt S&C